Jim is an accomplished Entrepreneur having established several successful service-oriented businesses over the past 17 years.  He began serving clients in the field of Real Estate in 2008 and in 2010 launched his own Brokerage.  His proven commitment to a customer service orientation and his ability to build strong relationships are his strengths and the leadership he brings to every interaction is what folks appreciate most about him.  He has learned that the trust he has earned in the field of real estate needs not to be limited to the face to face interactions, but rather an on-going approach to leading Buyers and Sellers through their decision making.

The world of Real Estate has been often criticized.   This venue is offered as a REal and eye-opening reflection of RE in an effort to share The REal Storey as it relates to RE Contracts, RE Ethics, RE Trends, RE Economics and he offers some of his personal REal Estate experiences.

“So often I hear folks calling themselves “real estate junkies” – finding themselves on Realtor.ca religiously monitoring the market.  There is no doubt, Buyers and Sellers are better educated than before in the world of Real Estate, It is my hope, that this Blog will expand the knowledge base for Buyers and Sellers and help them to be better prepared when dealing with their chosen real estate representative.”